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  • Vision – A Glendale that improves the lives of the people it serves.
  • Mission – Continued Preservation of this historic/green location for future generations.
  • Objective  – Save Glen Lakes – Put Glen Lakes on a future ballot where its fate will be decided by the people.

Welcome to Preserve Our Parks and Open Spaces. Our mission is to preserve this one-of-a-kind location for future generations, just as the Glendale City Council did back in 1979. To save this open space and put the power back into Glendale residents’ hands by getting this issue on the ballot in a future election. But to do that, we need signatures of Glendale residents who are registered to vote. Your party doesn’t matter here, just your willingness to help us preserve our parks and open spaces.

Locations to Sign the Petition

Volunteers will be collecting signatures at the following locations:

11/8/20 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at Papa Ed’s Ice Cream Shoppe, 7146 N. 58th Avenue B, Glendale 85301. (Notary available to Volunteer Petition Circulators at this location during this time)

On October 13, 2020, the Glendale Mayor and City Council voted 6-1 to pass RESOLUTION NO. R20-136, amending the General Plan Land Use Map from POS (Parks Open Space) to MDR 5 (Medium Density Residential) for property located at 5450 West Northern Avenue. Then, by the same vote, the Council passed ORDINANCE NO. O20-72 to rezone the same property located at 5450 West Northern Avenue from A-1 (Agricultural) to R1-6 PRD (Planned Residential Development).

The Mayor and City Council took these actions despite two years of opposition from Glendale residents at Council meetings, Planning Committee Meetings, public outreach meetings, and print. They took these actions despite the unanimous rejection of the amendment and rezoning requests by the City of Glendale Planning Commission. And they took these actions despite multiple offers of partnership and volunteerism as far back as 2018 from individuals who were willing to work with the City to keep the course open. All this to no avail.

Sign our Petition

If you’d like to sign our petition, please click to contact us below. We will be happy to arrange a signing, complete with masks, and an individually wrapped pens that you can keep. We will also be out in the community and post our locations in advance if you’d prefer to come to us. You can still keep the pen.

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If you’d like to follow us and keep up to date on our progress, please enter your email address below. We don’t sell or share your information. You can also follow us on Facebook. And please share our website and mission. There has been discussion by the Mayor and City Council that we may have too many parks in Glendale, and do we need them all?

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